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June 23-24, 2023


GIRLS (High school)

1. #14 Anniston Moore FR. (Bentonville Tigers Moore)
- Righty (PG) with great vision of the floor, creative off the dribble
and not afraid to get to the rim. Can shoot the 3 off the dribble
and the catch. Gets up and guards on defense, turning defense
into offense.

2. #11 Aaliyah Miller FR. (Bentonville Tigers Moore)
- Lefty (G) Strong 3 point shooter with quick release. Navigates
through defenders at the rim. Can finish on both sides of the
rim. Handles pressure well. Aggressive on offense. High IQ
player on the defensive end, reads the ball well.

3. #20 Cambrie Phillips JR. (Bentonville Tigers Moore)
- Righty (G/F) with great length and athleticism. A shot blocker at
the rim. Quick on both ends of the floor with the ability to get to
the rim. Reads the long balls on defense. Forces turnovers.

4. #20 Selah Bockburger SR. (Express)
- Lefty (G) Can attack from the perimeter. A spark off the bench
and a game changer. Can score from the perimeter and in.
Pushes the ball in traffic and finishes through contact.

5. #44 Mariyah Moss JR. (Mulberry)
- Righty (C) Scores from free throw line and in. Good back to the
basket moves and secondary moves. Good footwork. Reads
the defense well. Patient on offense. Hard working. Strong.

6. #24 Madison Peiset JR. (Playmakers)
- Righty (G) with high basketball IQ, not afraid to attack in late
game situations. Creates and finishes through contact. A
shooter with good range and quick release.

7. #23 Alayshia Freeland SR. (Express)
- Righty (PG) a competitor, comfortable with scoring under
pressure. Good handles and court vision. Very passionate
about the game.

BOYS (9th-10th)

1. #3 Skye Davenport SO. (BTS)
- Righty (PG) 3 level scorer with great court vision. All around
player with a solid mid range. An aggressive defender. Attacks
the defense and finishes through contact. High IQ. Tough.
Hard worker. Offers versatility.

2. #5 Demetrus Shelley SO. (479 Timberwolves)
- Righty (Combo G) All around player. 3 level scorer. High IQ.
Vocal. Great court vision. Competitor. Hard-worker. Disciplined
player. Runs the floor well. Great handles. Can defend on the
perimeter and inside. Has potential to be an elite athlete.

3. #12 Kinyun Johnson SO. (479 Timberwolves)
- Righty (G). Shifty with the ball. Strong/creative finisher. Very
quick on the drive. High level player with lots of potential. Quick
on the defensive end. Creates steals using quickness.

4. #4 Tavyn Bledsoe SO. (BTS)
- Righty (G/F) Uber athletic. Solid scorer around the rim. Active
rebounder. Strong build. Can guard on the perimeter and inside
the paint with his athletic ability. Elevates over opponents to
score. Has the ability to score from the permeter. Has potential
to be an elite player. Hardworker.

5. #21 Jabarih Washington SO. (BTS)
- Righty (G) Shifty and creative on the dribble. Lengthy. Scorer at
the rim. Pushes the ball in transition.

6. #23 Dawson Lively SO. (Be Elite)
- Righty (PG) Good handles and High IQ. Handles pressure well
in the backcourt. A floor general who directs traffic on both ends
of the floor. Coachable. High intensity on the defensive end.

7. #2 Hayden Lee SO. (918 Hoops)
- Righty (PG) Tough, scores very well from the perimeter. Uses
quickness to get to the rim. Pushes the ball coast to coast. High
motor player on both ends.

8. #11 Adian Hodges FR. (Be Elite)
- Righty (G/F) Runs multiple spots on the floor. A guard who can
shoot it from the 3 but also take advantage of a mismatch down

low. Power forward with good footwork. Good vision of the
court. Strong potential.

9. #11 Zion Thomas FR. (Spartans)
- Righty (G) Aggressive. High energy player. Good at pushing
the ball in transition and finishing through contact. Explosive
attacker. Offers versatility. Bouncy. Good handles.

10. #13 Jacobi Mason SO. (479 Timberwolves)
- Righty (PG) High IQ. Difference maker and the glue of his team.
Good ball handler when coming off pick and roll. Facilitator first and
scorer second. Good down-hill attacker and looks to create contact
and finish through it.

BOYS (High school)

1. #35 Lucas Schenider SR. (Playmakers)
- Lefty (G) all around player, versatile 3 level scorer. Knows the
game, good vision of the court. Shooter with deep range and
ability to create space off the dribble. Creates any shot he
wants at the rim. Very smooth.

2. #3 Xavier McDowell JR. (BTS)
- Righty (PG) Scoring point guard. Spreads the floor with his
shooting. Great pick and roll attacker. Finishes through contact.
High IQ. Offers versatility.

3. #6 A’Kerlrus Patterson SR. (BTS)
- Righty (Combo G) Uber athletic standout that runs the floor and
scores at will. Offers versatility in the wing and point guard
position. Will spread the floor with his 3 point shooting ability.

4. #55 Justin Gill Grad. (ASA)
- Righty (PF/C) Nice handles. Active rebounder. Best when
attacking from the perimeter and in. Able to shoot the 3.
Smooth touch around the rim. Bouncy.

5. #8 Blaine Tate JR. (Be Elite)
- Righty (PG) Quick. Smart with the ball. Good finisher at the rim.
Tight handles and handles pressure well. Tough. Good at
reading the defense and making the appropriate read.
Difference maker.

6. #11 Will Jones SR. (918 Hoops)
- Righty (G) Attack and finish with both hands. Finishes through
contact. Very effective shooter behind the arc. Deep range.
Hard worker.

7. #23 Carlin Mixon JR. (479 Timberwolves)
- Righty (PF/C) Bouncy. Aggressive. Physical. Best around the
rim. Catch and score down low. Active on the boards. Very
athletic. High energy.

8. #17 Rex Clark SR. (918 Hoops)
- Righty (PF) Bouncy. Aggressive when attacking the basket.
Explosive rip and go. Active rebounder. Hardworker.

9. #12 Jaqulayn Antoini JR (Arkansas Aces)
- Righty (C) Big body. Strong and solid. Catch and score. Active
rebounder. Can guard on the perimeter and inside.

10. #2 Jerijah Bunda SR. (RV Hoops)
- Righty (PG) High IQ. Tough. A competitor that keeps his team
involved on both offense and defense. Good down-hill attacker. Good
vision when not scoring. Hard worker. Good on-ball defender.

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