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Meet Our Team

Meet our team that keeps Hardwood Tournaments running all year long!

Chuck Ludgood

President, Board of Directors

Kayla Ludgood

Vice President of Finance, Board of Directors


National Tournament Director

Talik Hutchinson

VP, Senior Director of Operations


Board of Directors

National Tournament Director

Kelsey Ludgood

Board of Directors

Deputy National Tournament Director

Eric West

National Director of Officials

Kandi Brandenburg

Social Media Coordinator, Creative Director


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Keep in mind we do not operate on permanent business hours, if we do not respond immediately, give us a text or leave a message and we'll reach out as soon as possible. 


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Physical Demands

Basketball officials are moving constantly. There are no opportunities for rest while play is ongoing because basketball officials need to adjust their positions constantly to see the action as player positions shift. You will run extensively during a competitive basketball game. All of our games take place indoors with Air Conditioning but because of the activity level, hydration is something basketball officials really take seriously. As the players you're officiating get older and the competitive levels increase, the physical demands also increase. You could be officiating many different age groups throughout the tournament.

All inquiries/info submitted in the form above will be directed to
Eric West, Director Of Officials
+1 479-926-1315

All matters regarding officiating/officials should be directed to Eric West directly at the contact information above.

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