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Fighting, weapons of any kind, excessive negative yelling at officials + other players and coaches, profanity, and hazing will result in an immediate dismissal from the tournament facility. The site director at the tournament will defer to local law enforcement agencies.

Our #1 Priority is to help ensure the safety and security of all attendants & provide a positive tournament experience.

   We've Updated Our Tournament Specific Rules to include 4 Quarter Format, Players Fouling out at 6 Fouls, and Updates to when a team enters the bonus and shoots free throws. Please review all Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines as we have made updates.    

Universal Regulations & Guidelines for all Hardwood Basketball Tournaments & Events Include but are not limited to:


  • Baselines must remain clear, there will be no surrounding the court on the baseline. For your safety those seated on the baseline must remain seated and away from the playing area.

  • Bench areas are reserved only for Registered Coaches and Registered Players that are participating in the current game happening. Players from other teams, friends, parents, other coaches are prohibited from entering this area. Doing so subjects you to our Technical Foul / Ejection / Fan Conduct Rule and possible removal from the facility. 

  • Scorers tables are reserved for only up to two individuals at a time. Any other individual at the scorers table will be asked to move back to the general area with spectators. Failure to comply will result in removal from the facility per the Technical Fouls / Ejections / Fan Conduct Rule. Crowding and extra persons at the scorers table interferes with the game which interferes with the event. No Persons under 16 should volunteer for the scorers table. 


  • A 6.25% charge will be applied to any credit, debit, apple pay, and cashapp card transactions except for General Admission, see more below.

  • At select events we will offer credit/debit card payments for general admission, we will have a cash price and card price. The card price will always be $1 more than the cash price. Credit/Debit Card payments are available at some locations, this is not always available so please be prepared with cash.


  • If you do not feel well or are experiencing symptoms, we ask you stay at home and do not attend the event. Masks are optional.


  • Any person entering the playing area (any area inside the baseline and sideline) that is not actively competing as one of the players on the court is subject to immediate ejection from the facility without warning for the duration of the event. This includes players that are not checked in to the game. See more on ejections in the Technical Fouls / Ejections / Fan Conduct section. We want to keep parents, players, and coaches all safe - and entering the playing area during a competition can be dangerous. 


  • Outside food and drinks are allowed unless posted otherwise at the facility, most venues WILL NOT allow this so be prepared.

  • Teams are expected to clear the bench area of their trash immediately following the game to ensure it is maintained for the next game. If you encounter a messy bench area before your game, please let a tournament staff member know immediately.


  • All formal complaints, concerns, or compliments can be submitted by clicking here or by finding the feedback form under our "contact" page.


  • Top of the bracket will play as the Home Team and the bottom of the bracket will play as Visitors.

  • Each game will consist of 4 Quarters of a 7 Minute or 8 Minute Duration. Depending on the game duration -- 2, 3, or 4 Time-Outs will be given per game. Game Duration and Time-Outs are applicable to change at any time and may vary between each event. You will see specific halve durations and timeouts when your tournament brackets are released on the page.

  • All timeouts are :30 Second Timeouts

  • Officials may have any coaches, spectators, and official book or score keepers removed by notifying the site director.

  • Each team is responsible for furnishing either a clock-keeper or official book-keeper at the scorers table for each game. The inability to furnish a clock-keeper or official book-keeper may result in a forfeit depending on time constraints, the event, and whether this is a recurring issue with the team. If there is already a volunteer our tournament provided staff member working the clock, the team does not have to provide a person. At select events, this position will be staffed by Hardwood Tournaments and neither team will be required to provide somebody. Nevertheless all persons at the scorers table must be 16 years of age or older. No Children or Players may operate these without prior special circumstances consent from tournament staff.

  • All rules not listed will be regular (AR) High School rules.


  • Doors will generally open at the event venue 30 Minutes before the first games of the day are set to start, this may be modified by the site director.

  • Any misconduct, abuse of facility or personnel will not be tolerated. If any of these are violated, you will be asked to leave.

  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated by event staff -- including but not limited to harassment, hazing, & fighting. 

  • All facilities are Tobacco Free. Smoking or Vaping is not allowed and will not be tolerated.


  • General Admission Wristbands are Required for all persons other than those that have been granted a coaches pass. PDF

  • Weekend Pass Wristbands (When offered) are required to be worn visible for the tournament staff at all times and not be removed for the duration of the event (or you will have to purchase another one or general admission including lost/stolen/altered passes). PDF

  • Coaches Bands are 2-day Full Weekend Pass Wristbands and must be kept on for the duration of the event. First Wristbands for coaches are FREE and replacement bands are $10, so coaches must make sure to keep their wristband on all weekend. PDF

  • Daily General Admission Replacement Wristbands must be repurchased at regular general admission price. PDF


  • Hardwood Rewards™ Loyalty Program members will earn 500 Hardwood Rewards Points for each Event Registered For and Paid Online when registering for tournaments. Points can be redeemed for FREE Tournaments, Discounts, & more coming soon! Hardwood Rewards™ cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or coupons. All Rewards Points Expire December 31st at 11:59PM every year.


  • If one team is up by 20 or more points with 2 Minutes left in the game, the game will be called. Additionally the clock will continue to run at any point during the game if either team is up by 15 or more points.

  • Our officials and Scorers table workers & volunteers jobs are already tough, please do not antagonize, belittle, or berate our officials or scorers table workers & volunteers. We take this very seriously as doing these things not only takes away from your experience, but it takes away the enjoyable experience from everyone else around you - kids included. Do not be this person that acts this way because this is the person that gets ejected from the Hardwood Tournament. We will clear sections of people from the gym and use local law enforcement should it be necessary to keep everyone safe. This applies to everyone at the event coaches and players included, not solely parents. Act accordingly. Head Coaches Only may come to the site director with complaints that will be investigated.


  • Only service animals will be permitted inside our facilities. Service animals being disruptive to the business, displaying vicious behaviors, or harming any other persons in a facility can and may be excluded. The person may re-enter the event without the service animal in such case.

  • Hardwood Tournaments is not responsible for Service Animals or ESA's.


  • A Player may only play on 1 team per grade division, this must remain the same team in the division for the duration of the event. Players are not permitted to 'Play Down' in a younger grade division, switch teams within a division, or play for two teams in the same division at any time. Failure to comply with this rule can result in forfeits, players and coaches losing eligibility to participate in the Hardwood Tournament for the duration of the weekend and/or future events. In the event a player has played on two teams in the same division, the games of the second team the ineligible player competed with will be voided as forfeits (because the player was ineligible to compete on a second team in the same division). The first team a player plays on during the weekend is the only team the player may compete with in that grade division for the weekend. If you notice anything like this happen, please let the site director know as soon as possible to handle the situation and avert any confusion. Never confront spectators, players, or coaches from other teams regarding player eligibility, escalate the matter to the site director.
  • Grade Eligibility: For Example if a Player is in 4th Grade for the 2021-2022 School Year, this player may compete in the 4th Grade until the start of their 5th Grade year in August. You may compete in your current grade only until you begin the next grade. We strongly encourage all players have proof of grade with them provided by coaches upon request, this will make for smoother protests from 3rd parties disputing your players age. Examples include a school ID with student name and grade, current report card, school letter, view of online school portal, yearbook, etc. All player protests, in order to be heard should be brought prior to the game you are protesting. to Failure to produce eligibility documentation upon request may result in the player being ruled ineligible and/or forfeiture of game(s
  • We are unable to accommodate last minute day-of special requests and time/court changes. View the schedule prior to the event and contact us with any late special requests BEFORE the tournament. We do not want to inconvenience other visiting teams.


This is not a full list of items. If you have to question it, reach out to us first to make sure, otherwise you may not be allowed entry to the event.

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Explosive Devices

  • Artificial Noisemakers (air horns, bull horns, etc)

  • Firecrackers, Fire Starters, or Matches

  • Objects created to cause harm to another individual

  • Water Coolers or Ice Chests

  • Paint or other substances that may cause permanent damage to the facility.


  • To take the burden off of spectators and coaches, Hardwood Tournaments will Score Keepers and Book Keepers at select events.

  • Spectators, Players, & Coaches: Our officials and Scorers table workers & volunteers jobs are already tough, please do not antagonize, belittle, or berate our officials or scorers table workers & volunteers. We take this very seriously as doing these things not only takes away from your experience, but it takes away the enjoyable experience from everyone else around you. No warnings given, you will be immediately dismissed from the event.

  • When spectator-volunteers operate the scorers table, Home team provides the scorekeeper and the Away team provides the book keeper. This may be modified by the preference of the volunteers, coaches, officials, or tournament staff. It is each Head Coaches or Designee's responsibility to ensure they have their volunteer ready for their game to start on time.


  • Any ejections of coaches or players could possibly result in suspension from subsequent games at the tournament directors discretion. 

  • Two technical fouls will result in automatic ejection from the game. The tournament director reserves the right to extend this ejection as needed.

  • When fans are ejected from a gym, they are prohibited from re-entering the facility without consulting with the site director of the tournament.

  • Coaches are responsible for controlling their fans and supporters. Any problems will result in team technical fouls and/or game forfeiture.

  • Fans should never enter the playing field for any reason, doing so will result in immediate dismissal from the event. Exceptions can be made by officials for one parent helping an injured child off of the court, however this should be avoided if possible.



  • All teams must bring a light and dark uniform

  • Game time is Game time, don't be late to avoid a forfeit. We are not responsible for you missing your game.

  • Ball size: 28.5 Boys 6th Grade & Under; 29.5 Boys 7th thru 12th Grade (Home Team Supplies Ball) 

  • Pool Tie Breaker: #1 Head to Head; #2 Wins V Losses in Pool ; #3 Point Margins in pool games up to +13 and as low as -13 pts.

  • Teams not competing in pool play and coming to compete in bracket play sunday automatically take the lowest seed.

  • Seeding goes as follows:

  1. - First determinant) Head to Head wins or losses in your pool are always the first determinant in seeding.

  2. - Second determinant) Wins V. Losses in your pool - this will be when there are more than two teams in your pool.

  3. - Third) In the event of a tie on wins v. losses when there is a two or more teams in your pool, we will move to margin of points in your win or loss

(+13 or -13) to determine seeding. The cap on margin of victor or points given up in your loss is 13 points. The image below portrays a three                      way tie between the three teams in Pool A. Each team has beat each other head to head, so we move to the second determinant and each team                    is still tied on wins v losses because each team has won a game and lost a game. So we move to the third determinant where we will determine                   seeding by calculating the number of points given up in a loss with the margin of victory in your wins. The image shows the final "Marginal                             Victory" breakdown.

Technical Fouls / Ejections / Fan Conduct
Screen Shot 2023-05-28 at 12.09.24 PM.png


  • Stereos, boom boxes, & portable speakers are only permitted for use in single-court facilities. Please refrain from using speakers in facilities with multiple courts under one roof. This is in place so that music is not disturbing other games in progress.


  • 5 minute warm up time before each game, this will be eliminated or shortened based on time constraints, so be prepared.

  • 1:30 minute half time 

  • Teams are expected to be at their court, and game-ready 35 minutes prior to tipoff. You may forfeit your game if you miss coaches check-in or are not at your court 35 minutes prior. Due to time constraints, Games may start early when possible.

  • Stopped Clock the Last Minute of each half unless either team is up 15+

  • All timeouts are :30 Second Timeouts

  • Overtime Standard is 1 Minute. This is Repeated until there is a winner. No Sudden Death.

  • One :30 second timeout per overtime (not sudden death), timeouts are never carried over from Regulation to OT or from OT-to-OT periods.

  • The Bonus begins at 5 Team Fouls, which results in two Free Throws. Team Fouls reset each quarter.

  • A player fouls out on 6th personal foul of the game. 




We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. Please keep any valuables out of the event venue. We are not responsible for the injuries or collateral damages of any players, spectators, or coaches. Please be safe while near and away from the event venue, lock your vehicle doors, and report any suspicious activity. By accessing this site or engaging in services offered, you agree to this disclaimer, refund and return policy, privacy policy, terms of service, and release of liability. 


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